Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sold Out Mini Sessions This weekend!

I was able to be booked up within 1 day for my mini sessions! I have some awesome clients!

Below is the listing of times I have my clients down for. Review your time and confirm your session with me to make sure my day is filled. If you cannot make it please let me know ASAP since I have a waiting list for this day. Thanks a bunch!

Amy Upton- 10:00
Bethany Statum- 10:15
Nessa Kreps 10:30
Cindy Hudson 10:45
Misty Hall- 11:15
Pat Mcrory(with misty)


3:00 Ary Mize
3:15 Ary's Referal
3:30 Mandy Walters
4:00 KAtie Pucket
4:15 Usry
5:00 Shannon Dye
5:15 Betsy


Each Session is $25.00. You will receive 2 5x7s and a set of wallets. You are allowed 10 min for each session, this means that things will go quickly. Please make sure that your child is ready to go (clean face, hair brushed etc..) once you arrive. Please let your children know that this will be super fun so they wont be scared and only take 2 pictures in the 10 min they have. Make sure they are very excited! Ms. Katie is super fun!!

Also, please arrive at least 5 min early to find me and let me know you are there since I time each session. within 2 weeks you will receive 15 or so proofs online. You have 10 days to review and purchase any prints over your free prints.

I only do this super mini session twice a year so please let me know ASAP if you are not attending so i can fill the position with the wait list. For those of you on the wait list or that didn't get to book. I will be having fall street sessions throughout Sept-Nov at full price but this will include one free set of Christmas cards. I will put this out there later for advertising! See who is reading all the way down my blog ;)


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