Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I absolutely Love my clients!! Since I have had such an amazing response to my September 12th Mini Session I have decided to extend my session to one more weekend, THIS SATURDAY! I had some clients on a waiting list for the previous session that are now booked for this session but I still have available appointments! This will be your last chance to book to recieve the Super Mini Session Price of 25 and 2 5x7s and wallets! My normal mini session fee is 45.00 and my normal session fee is $65 which includes no print credits! This is the best time to get your christmas portraits done, so get out the jackets and hats and lets pretend its fall!!

Session includes:

10 min session

10-15 online proofs of

multiple natural posed shots

2 5x7's and set of wallets!

You can also order the christmas cards which will be released later today for viewing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have abosolutely had the worst week EVER!! I am unreachable during night unless you call me at 601-209-4027! No worries if you hear a man answering, just my sweet husband taking my calls since my iphone is smashed to pieces and dosnt work. Since this is my fifth iphone in 3 years, I am no officially changing to a blackberry! I feel a little less cooler but atleast my clients will reach me and I wont have any missed sessions and no missed calls!! I think thats a win win situations! I appologize if you havnt been able to get me this week.. no phone = no contact so always e-mail me.. but of course my computer had 10 trojan viruses and is now in my car to be looked at.. really could anything get worse? No worries clients, your portraits are always stored on my detatchable harddrive and online. :) Okay so this is my photograph for today:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its Time again for Fall Mini Sessions!


One day only !

This year I will be shooting Fall/Christmas mini-Sessions in downtown Brandon on September 12.

For $25, you get:

-10 minute session

-(2) 5x7’s

- a set of wallets (8).

You will also have the option to order additional prints!

If you refer a friend who books a session, and they mention your name, you get an additional 5x7 as a "print thank you"!

I will be shooting from 10-11:00 and 2-6:00.

Please email or call to reserve your 10 minute session.

First come first serve! Up to 4 subjects per session and remember only 10 min allowed!!

Please plan to arrive early, to allow you time to get the children out of the car, and get to the photo location.

Each session will only be allowed 10 minutes. If you are 5 minutes late, then you get a 5 minute session. We have to do our best to stay on schedule, to make it fair for everyone.

Due to the location, your child will need to be able to sit on his own, unless you plan to be in the photo holding him.

This is a great time to get photos for Christmas Cards, which we’ll be posting soon!

Dont forget to pass this along for free portraits if your friends book and have their session!! I will announce once my sessions are completely booked up!