Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have been WAY too busy to even blog! Okay so for all of you newbies.. MMP has a new plan!

AS OF 11/1 no apts after 5... Daylight savings took that time away :(

Lil Sprout- has now changed! It used to be age required for this (2-4 years) but now its "one year" plan! This can be for any child/teen/family (up to 4) for one year, (5 sessions included and 50.00 print credit for each session)! That is a $625.00 value for 300.00!

I created this to fit clients in that had used me once but then wanted to continue using me every couple of months and also for 6 month olds that miss out on the Green Bean (first year) so they actually can start their plan at any age! If you have had one session with me and want to add this plan, you can purchase this plan for 225.00 and have 4 sessions left to jump on in! If you are coming from pean n pod plan, then you can jump in at a reduced price aswell!

I am so booked and have so many rainouts that Im going through my dates and Im going to fit in as many bookings as possible to fit my overflow and rainouts and additonal inquired sessions! So I have added new dates to each day i was booked and have allowed for overflow bookings to book! See below a list of dates from Nov-Dec 2009 that are booked. I have left blank the dates that are available that I have added. These are listed today at 4:30 and it is first come first serve! After that I will not take anymore bookings till 2010!

Im already booked for March, April, May and June for Weddings in 2010! If you are looking for a photograph adn considering me, please get with me asap since I am only taking 2 per month at most! I cant wait till wedding season is here!!!

Right now, If you are booked in Oct-Nov Please remember you get 25 free 4x6 christmas cards, any addtional will be 5x7 purcahsed at 45.00 per set of 25! If you havnt seen my collection on Facebook, please look and if you dont have fb, let me know nad Ill put you up some info! Nov 30 will be the last day to order!!

Here are the dates!!

November dates left that I have added new slots too!

1st- 9-Susan
2- Taylor
4- Davis

8- Isreal
10- Sheilds
2- Gladden
5- Jennifer T.

8- Hudson
11- Ogwynn
4- Miley

10- Shields
2- Susan Bridals
4- Carpenter

21st- 10- Hardy
4- Olivia

10- Jones
4- Mclendon

10- Melissa Usry
2- Anderson

As these fill up I will post December dates, if you see a date that you are booked and dont see your name, please contact me asap.

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